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Hi, My name is Greg Carter,

Barrister & Solicitor for 19 years, and commercial litigator.

You may not believe that you can cost-effectively resolve your commercial dispute using a litigation lawyer, but read on…

Little-Known ‘Inside Information’ About Cost-Effective Litigation

Dear Reader,

Have you heard the saying that barristers and solicitors are often the real winners in a legal dispute?

I believe it doesn’t have to be that way, and hourly rates often exceeding $400-$500 per hour (plus GST) are a big part of the problem.

The problem with hourly rates (apart from the cost) is there’s no incentive for the work to be done more quickly. Even worse, an inefficient lawyer will charge more than an efficient lawyer because it will take longer to do the same work.

If you’re concerned or even afraid of the cost of engaging a barrister or solicitor, or uneasy about going to Court because of legal fees, fixed-fees may be what you’re looking for.

  • Fixed-fees give you control over your legal spend, because you agree upfront what it will cost.
  • I never forget that it’s your hard-earned money, so I quote fixed-fees that represent fair value for money for the work to be done.
  • However if you’re not happy with my quote you can negotiate it BEFORE the work is done (unlike a lawyer on hourly rates where you’re on the back foot trying to negotiate the bill AFTER the work is done).
  • You can also save money because, as a freelance barrister & solicitor, I operate with much lower overheads than a traditional bricks and mortar law firm.
  • With me you won’t be paying for an expensive office, other lawyers or administrative staff (my city address is a co-working space, I do my own admin and work from home).
  • For larger matters I engage competent and cost-effective barristers and solicitors to work for me.

In many cases fixed fees will give you an unfair advantage over your opponent.

Why? Because most barristers and solicitors only charge hourly rates, which means the other party will incur legal fees based on how long it takes their lawyer to do a particular task.

So, for the same task, if the other party is being charged hourly rates they may well be spending more on their legal fees than you.

Sure, barristers and solicitors are required to provide estimates of their fees. But estimates can and do change.

Fixed fees can be the difference between you spending bucketloads of money based on hourly rates, and getting a return on your legal investment.

Legal fees can not only cripple you financially, they eat into the amount at stake in the dispute. And I’ve seen many cases where a demoralised party has folded because legal fees have made it uneconomic to continue.

Greg charged fees that were commercial in relation to the amount in dispute, and ensured that I could fight an aggressive opponent seeking to grind me down financially.” Graham Darcy, Applecross, Perth

If you want your life back you need a lawyer who won’t mess you around…

Because the longer the dispute drags on the more you’ll pay, in terms of:

  • your stress levels
  • your finances
  • distraction from your business
  • your personal life
Cost-effective dispute resolution takes these factors into account.

Sometimes, as Kenny Rogers said:

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run“.

A highly experienced ‘street-smart’ litigation lawyer who knows how to play the game will increase your prospects of success.

Greg is a highly efficient and strategic litigator who has a record of getting great results, and does so with excellent interpersonal skills.” Mark van Brakel, Partner, Allen & Overy (Top 10 Global Law Firm)

A lawyer who pays close attention to detail will find evidence that can give you an advantage in your case.

I would highly recommend Greg to any client who is after a detail-oriented, hard working barrister who performs work in a thorough and timely manner.” Richard Mitry, Partner, Mitry Lawyers, Sydney

Making the right call can be the difference between financial disaster, a result you can live with, and a result beyond your expectations.

My claim was settled out of Court for an amount that I never considered attainable.” Graham Darcy, Applecross, Perth

I aim to deliver fixed-fee litigation services you can afford AND are happy to pay for.

I look forward to assisting you.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Carter
Barrister & Solicitor

P.S I offer a FREE ‘no obligation’ telephone (or Skype) consultation, so that you can receive a quick legal insight into your dispute. If we need to meet I’m happy to come to your office or other convenient location.

P.P.S. I’m also happy to read your documents FREE OF CHARGE, to provide you with a fixed-fee ‘no obligation’ quote for initial legal advice or other work. (I won’t charge if you don’t want to go ahead.)

P.P.P.S. See my Lawyer’s Guide To The Commercial Dispute Resolution Process in Court.

Greg Carter Barrister and Solicitor

“I aim to deliver fixed-fee legal services you can afford AND are happy to pay for”

Fixed-Fee Legal Services You Can Afford

Legal Advice

Legal Advice

Advice on where you stand, legally



Realistic options and strategies to cost-effectively resolve your dispute

Legal proceedings

Legal Proceedings

Commence or defend legal proceedings in any Court or Tribunal



Negotiate or mediate a resolution of your dispute

What Is The Difference Between A Barrister, Solicitor, Barrister & Solicitor, And Lawyer?

Very confusingly, a lawyer can be either a solicitor or a barrister.

Solicitors and barristers are separate branches of the legal profession.

As a rough analogy, a barrister is like the medical specialist of the legal profession.  Just as a GP refers difficult cases to a medical specialist for an opinion, solicitors refer difficult cases to a barrister for an opinion.

Some medical specialists are experts in surgical work in a hospital theatre.  Similarly some barristers are experts in advocacy in the legal theatre (Court).

And just as medical specialists practise independently of GPs, barristers practise independently of solicitors.

Barristers have expertise in giving written opinions, or appearing in Court, or both.  They usually only get “briefed” with work by a solicitor, and you will not have direct contact with them.

Normally you will only deal with a solicitor.  Your solicitor will only brief a barrister if a specialist opinion or Court work is required which the solicitor does not have the time or expertise to undertake.

Of course you need to approve the involvement of a barrister, because you would be paying for 2 lawyers – the solicitor and the barrister.  However, if you can afford a barrister you may gain a significant advantage in your dispute.

Barristers are ‘independent’ of you and the solicitor.  They are required to practise independently as sole practitioners, and operate from ‘chambers’, such as Francis Burt Chambers in Perth.  Chambers are simply places where barristers work in the same location, so they can work in a collegiate and competitive environment.

Solicitors can also practice by themselves as sole practitioners (as I do), but they commonly practice together in a law firm with other solicitors.

Sometimes a solicitor will call himself or herself a ‘barrister & solicitor’ (as I do).  This term is interchangeable with ‘solicitor’.  Both ‘barristers & solicitors’ and ‘solicitors’ have the right to perform the functions of a barrister ie perform Court work.

However, most lawyers, whether they call themselves a ‘solicitor’ or a ‘barrister & solicitor’ have not practised as an independent ‘barrister’ (as I have).

I currently practise as a ‘barrister & solicitor’.  Previously I practised exclusively as an independent barrister at Francis Burt Chambers (leading commercial chambers in Perth).  Prior to that I practised in national law firms and in other places.

So I have the skill sets and experience of a solicitor and a barrister, which benefits you because in most cases you won’t need 2 lawyers ie a solicitor and a barrister.

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