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My name is Greg Carter, Barrister & Solicitor.
I consult to law firms, businesses and individuals.
With a proven track record across 18 years of litigation & dispute resolution practice,
I am confident that I can help you to successfully resolve your commercial dispute.


Fixed-Fee Legal Services
For Your Peace Of Mind

I fix my fees wherever possible, so you can avoid the risk and uncertainty of hourly rates


Free Consultation

I am happy to give you a free 30 minute consultation.
There is no obligation to retain me as your lawyer



You may have heard that lawyers are the only winners in a commercial dispute, especially if legal proceedings are involved.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

I will advise you where you stand legally, and what it’s likely to cost to resolve the dispute.  You can then make an informed decision about whether to commence, defend or continue legal proceedings and/or try to negotiate or mediate a resolution.

I never forget that it’s your money and time at stake, and often a great deal more than that.

I am big on attention to detail. Because disputes are often decided on a handful of crucial documents.

Like the documents that showed:

  • a conspiracy between 3 employees to divert the business of their employer to a new company they set up in competition with their employer
  • my client’s money had been used to purchase units in the name of the investment promoter’s wife, rather than in the shares my client wanted

However, even with the facts on your side, trials and appeals are inherently risky and unpredictable:

Witnesses and judges are human, after all.

I’ve experienced:

  • good cases collapse when witnesses didn’t perform as expected in the witness box
  • good cases lost, and weak cases won because the judge took a different view of the case
  • good advocacy turn a judge’s view around for the better, and vice versa
  • great wins at trial overturned on appeal

Dispute resolution experience counts when difficult judgment calls need to be made, in and out of Court.

Sometimes ‘cutting a deal’ before trial is in your best interests.

At other times trial is your best option, or you have no real choice.

As Kenny Rogers said:

“You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run…”

It’s how disputes are handled that makes all the difference –

  • between a continuing relationship, and a broken one
  • between you spending years distracted from your business, or getting on with your business
  • between you spending a lot of money with no strategy or end game, and getting a return on your legal investment

I aim to give you first-class service you can afford

This involves:

  • being approachable, available and responsive
  • keeping you informed every step of the way, so that you know what’s happening with your case
  • fixing my fees wherever possible, so that you know what each stage is going to cost
  • understanding your matter, including the facts, law, complexity, timing, risks, and what’s at stake
  • understanding your budget, needs and objectives, and appetite for risk
  • giving you advice, options and strategies you can understand, and clear recommendations
  • implementing your preferred option/ strategy
  • re-evaluating the above as your matter progresses, and making adjustments as required in consultation with you
  • resolving the dispute in accordance with your instructions and best interests
Greg Carter Barrister Solicitor

“First Class Service
You Can Afford”



1. As a freelance lawyer I practice without the overheads of a traditional bricks and mortar law firm: you will benefit from the cost savings I can pass on.

2. I fix my fees wherever possible, so you avoid the risk and uncertainty of hourly rates.

3. You will benefit from my 18+ years of extensive litigation and dispute resolution experience.

4. You will benefit from my advocacy training and experience as a former barrister.

5. As a nationally accredited mediator, you will benefit from my mediation and negotiation skills.

6. I offer a free no obligation 30 minute consultation so you can receive a quick legal insight into your dispute.

7. To save you time and inconvenience I’m happy to meet at your office, or other convenient location.


Legal Advice


Advise where you stand, legally



Provide realistic options and strategies to resolve your dispute

Legal proceedings


Commence or defend legal proceedings



Negotiate or mediate a resolution of your dispute


“Greg is a highly efficient and strategic litigator who has a record of getting great results, and does so with excellent interpersonal skills.”

Mark van Brakel, Partner, Allen & OveryHighly efficient & strategic

“I had a complicated commercial claim that was being vigorously defended. My claim was settled out of court for an amount that I never considered was attainable. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend Greg to anyone who needed a very competent litigator to assist them in any legal situation.”

Private ClientLegal Prowess

“Greg’s considered, professional approach immediately inspired confidence allowing us to set emotion aside to reach a commercially viable solution.”

Business clientProfessional Approach

“My former business partner and I had an issue arising from the collapse of our business. Greg helped us to quickly move, with limited emotion, to an acceptable resolution. I would certainly recommend Greg as corporate mediator in a similar situation.”

Mediation partyHighly Recommended

“I would highly recommend Greg to any solicitor who is after a detail-oriented, hard working barrister who performs work in a thorough and timely manner. Greg's work has continuously impressed our clients, and has given them (and me) confidence to know that whenever he is tasked with work, it will be done well.”

Richard Mitry, Partner, Mitry LawyersDetail-oriented & hard-working

“Greg is a valuable addition to our business. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to any law firm requiring an extra pair of hands to provide expert commercial litigation assistance.”

Nicholas Marouchak, Principal, MKI Legal, Perth WAExpert commercial litigator

“Greg offers partner level expertise as a litigator on demand, without the overheads of an employee. A flexible and cost-effective solution that enables us to add value to our clients.”

Simon Di Rosso, Principal, Archon Legal, Perth WAPartner level expertise

“I appreciate Greg's honest straightforward legal approach to client matters and his pleasant prompt and helpful response when briefed at short notice.”

Agnes McKay, Principal, McKay Legal WAStraightforward legal approach

“Greg is a litigator with an advanced capacity to analyse and solve legal problems, which is why I have briefed him on complex commercial disputes and appeals. In Greg I find an ability to not only explain complex concepts in layman’s terms but actually get on with the clients I refer.”

Rob Butcher, Partner, Butcher Paull & Calder, WAAdvanced capacity to analyse & solve legal problems

“Greg is available and responsive and his approach is thorough and considered. Greg is a pleasure to work with and takes a commercial and practical approach.”

Lynn & Brown Lawyers, WACommercial & practical

“I have referred clients to Greg and they have been extremely happy with the results he has achieved for them. I always find it a pleasure dealing with Greg, he is very personable and professional and I look forward to continuing to refer litigious matters to him.”

Helen Kay, Rise Legal, WAVery personable & professional

“Greg is responsive, cost effective and commercial. He provides wise counsel and is a delight to work with. I will continue to brief him without hesitation.”

Judy Siddins, former Legal Counsel, Australian Wildlife ConservancyProvides wise counsel

“Greg's responsive, intelligent, strategically considered support to my clients has been invaluable and exceeded my highest expectations. I look forward to continuing a long standing relationship with him and I encourage others to do so.”

Maurice Oteri, My Law Firm, WAExceeded highest expectations


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