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Welcome, I’m Greg Carter, a litigation lawyer in Perth with over 19 years’ litigation and dispute resolution experience.

To cost-effectively resolve your commercial dispute please read on…

How You Can Benefit From Fixed Legal Fees 

Dear Reader,

Have you heard the saying that lawyers are usually the winners in a legal dispute?

I believe that hourly rates often exceeding $500 per hour (plus GST) are a big part of the problem.

Why? Because there’s no incentive for the work to be done more quickly.

Quite the opposite.

Yet most litigation lawyers charge hourly rates.

Why? Most clients don’t know there is a better alternative.

If you’re concerned about your legal fees spiralling out of control, fixed fees may be what you’re looking for:

  • You can control your legal spend
  • You know with certainty what each stage of work will cost

Fixed legal fees enable you to protect your money (or property) involved in the dispute, and your savings.

Don’t pay more for your legal fees than necessary.

If you engage me you won’t suffer unexpected ‘price shocks’ often caused by bills based on hourly legal rates.

Sure, lawyers charging hourly rates have to provide estimates of their fees. But estimates are usually qualified by a statement that the lawyer is not bound by the estimate.

Another thing: if the other party is being charged hourly rates they may be spending more on legal fees than you. (So you may have a valuable unfair advantage in the cost of legal representation.)

Don’t become a victim of hourly rates.

I’ve seen too many cases where a demoralised party has folded because legal fees have consumed too much of their savings.

With fixed legal fees the price you are invoiced is the price you agree to upfront. Unlike hourly legal rates you won’t be on the back foot trying to negotiate your bill after the work is done.

I look forward to assisting you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Yours sincerely,



PS. I offer a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation – call 0422 406 929 or email to set up a time.

PPS. I’ll review your key documents for FREE in order to give you a fixed fee quote for initial legal advice or other work.

PPPS. Please see “15 Key Questions About Your Dispute“.

Greg Carter Perth Litigation Lawyer

Greg is a highly efficient and strategic litigator who has a record of getting great results, and does so with excellent interpersonal skills.

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