15 Key Questions About Your Dispute

It is important to be able to answer the following key questions when seeking legal advice:

1. What is the dispute about, in a nutshell?

2. When did the dispute commence?

3. What is the dollar value of the dispute? What are you claiming?  What is the other party claiming?

4. What property (if any) is involved in the dispute? What are you claiming?  What is the other party claiming?

5. Which parties are involved in the dispute? Name the individuals and/or companies.

6. What is the current status of the dispute? Is the dispute already in Court (or in a Tribunal)? If so what is the current status of the legal proceeding?  What is the next step?

7. What key evidence are you relying on for your claim or defence? (eg. contracts, quotes, emails, letters, text messages, conversations)

8. What key evidence is the other party relying on?

9. Has the other party appointed a lawyer? If so, who?

10. Have you already obtained legal advice? If so, from who? What was the advice?

11. What are your objectives? What would be a good result for you?

12.  Do you have a budget to resolve the dispute?           

13. Do you have any time constraints to resolve the dispute?

14. What steps have you taken to try to resolve the dispute?

15. Are you open to a negotiated resolution? 

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