Fixed Fee Legal Services

Dear Reader,

I understand that from your perspective, the value you receive is paramount, as is controlling costs.

That’s why I fix my fees wherever possible, based on the value of my work, as perceived by you.

This requires a transparent and consultative approach to pricing, which provides a greater level of understanding of value for you.

The fixed fee process involves:

  • understanding your matter, including complexity, timing and risks, and what’s at stake;
  • understanding your budget, needs and objectives, and appetite for risk;
  • breaking your matter down into discrete stages;
  • transparency about the work required to be undertaken in each stage, including:
    • what I will do;
    • when I will do it;
    • why I will do it in a certain way;
    • the risks to you of not doing it that way;
    • how this will benefit you.

You agree to a fixed fee quote before the work is done.

Above all I aim to deliver fixed price legal services you can afford and are happy to pay for.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,



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Ljuba Mojovic, former General Manager,

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